GWFFA Club Championship 2022

GWFFA 1st Bank Match on Sunday 12th April 2022

Eight club anglers fished the 1st bank match. Although there were only 18 fish caught for a rod average of 2.25, there were a couple of outstanding bags of fish. 

Most of the anglers opted for Plummer bank. Mark Brinkman caught his 6 fish for 19lb 9oz using a bung with buzzers and bloodworm below. He caught a superb 5lb 13oz brown trout and a 3lb 15oz rainbow in his bag. Michael Daley caught 5 fish over on the G bank using buzzers. Good angling Michael and Mark. 

1st Mark Brinkman with 6 fish for 19lb 9oz. 

2nd Michael Daley with 5 fish for 12lb 5oz

3rd Andy Linwood with 2 fish for 6lb 4oz

GWFFA 1st Boat Match on Sunday 29th May 2022. 

18 GWFFA club members fished the first boat match at Grafham Water. The weather was cold with a Northerly wind which was gusty at times. The anglers found the fishing tough. Fish were caught mainly on blobs and fabs fished on intermediate or sink tip lines. Areas that fished reasonably on the day were out of Church Bay and The Stumps. Despite the tough fishing the club anglers still managed a respectable rod average of 4. 

The best fish was a nice rainbow of 3lb 10oz caught by Steve Cracknell.  

1st Neil Squires with 9 fish for 18lb 8oz

2nd Christopher Faulkner with 7 fish for 16lb 5oz

3rd Andy Linwood with 6 fish for 14lb 13oz

GWFFA Club Championship 2021

GWFFA 3rd Bank Match on Saturday 23rd October 2021

There were 9 club anglers out on the banks at Grafham. The top area was undoubtedly Pylon Point running down into Church Bay. Other good areas were Hedge End and Pig Bay. Fish were mainly caught on shrimp flies fished on a washing line. Best fish was a lively rainbow of 4lb 2oz caught by Derek Bravington in the bowl. 33 fish were caught for a 3.66 average.

1st Andy Linwood with 5 fish for 13lb 14oz

2nd John Vincent with 6 fish for 12lb 11oz

3rd Simon Charter with 6 fish for 12lb 9oz

GWFFA 2nd Bank Match at Grafham Water on Sunday 3rd October 2021

Seven club anglers fished the bank match on Sunday. A few fished on the dam and fish were caught on small shrimp patterns. Two anglers opted to fish the North shore despite the breezy conditions and were well rewarded. Again fish coming to shrimp and small nymphs using a washing line. One of those reported catching over 10 fish. Two others opted to fish Plummer bank and only caught a couple each. All the fish were full of shrimp. The seven anglers caught 32 fish for a rod average of 4,57

1st John Vincent with 6 fish for 12lb 6oz 

2nd Mark Brinkman with 6 fish for 12lb 4oz

3rd. Steve Cracknell with 6 fish for 11lb 8oz. 

GWFFA 3rd Boat Match at Grafham Water on Saturday 25th September 2021

18 club members fished the final boat match of the year; conditions looked perfect with overcast skies and a light wind. Most fish were in the upper layers of the water with floating, midge tips and intermediates working well. Floating daddy longlegs and nymphs accounted for most fish. The winner Mark Brinkman had 10 fish, most of which were caught close to the bank. 67 fish were caught for a rod average of 3.72. 
1st Mark Brinkman with 10 fish for 21lb 3oz.
2nd Stan Suddick with 8 fish for 16lb 3oz. 
3rd Simon Charter with 7 fish for 14lb 3oz. 
Best fish was a rainbow of 3lb 3oz caught by David Dyble. 
Best 4 fish 9lb 08oz caught by Chris Bobby.

MAITLAND TROPHY match held on Sunday 29th August 2021

Not held last year due to the pandemic, this year an invitation was extended to Invicta FFC to compete in the annual event traditionally between GWFFA & Rutland FFC, in which a total of 46 anglers fished on what proved to be a very tough day, with the fish in the main “hiding”, with only a small number of competitors finding the right method. Invicta proved to be the most successful on the day with 45 fish, ahead of Rutland FFC with 41 fish and GWFFA trailing behind with 39 fish. Top rod was Rutland member Richard Cooper with 11 fish and GWFFA’s Charlie Abraham taking the big fish award weighing in a magnificent brown trout of 5lbs 14oz.

This match does not count in the GWFFA championships.

GWFFA’s 2nd Boat Match Saturday 3rd July 2021 Fishing proved difficult for the 16 club members present, mostly due to the light, changeable wind and occasional flat calm. At lunch, members reported catching the odd fish near the surface on small FAB’s, dry fly & nymphs, fished on a washing line. At times there were lots of small buzzer on the surface with fish responding to them. Chris Bobby fishing with Lianne Frost managed 9 fish near M buoy, caught mostly on crippled midge. Lianne had 4 fish using small FAB’s. Best fish weighed 5lbs 8.5oz caught by Roger Hurren.

1st Chris Bobby 9 fish for 19lbs 4oz

2nd Lianne Frost 4 fish for 9lbs 11oz

Joint 2nd place Dave Porter 3 fish for 9lbs 11oz

GWFFA’s annual Dry Fly day at Ravensthorpe 2021

18 club members fished this annual event in unseasonably grey & cold conditions, catching 76 fish for an average of 4.22. At the lunchtime break, frustration at the number of abortive rises was on everyone’s lips, although one angler had amassed a creditable 5 fish by then and went on to catch another three in the afternoon session, taking the honours of top rod – well done Mr Brian Calvert. 5 members caught 6 fish apiece before the field dropped away to 4’s & 3’s and sadly two zeros.

Tactics were quite varied with flies of all kinds catching (or being refused), although the advantage probably went to anglers fishing smaller flies, such as Bob’s Bits, hoppers etc.

Although this competition does not count towards to the club championship, it is enthusiastically contested and unusually, on this occasion GWFFA had the fishery to themselves leading to some lively banter throughout the day.

GWFFA 1st Boat Match Sunday 30th May 2021

14 club members ventured out in flat calm conditions, with cloud cover lasting for no more than a couple of hours, after which the skies cleared and the wind became contrary going from NE to SE, then back to NE in the afternoon, strengthening to about 17 mph. Despite the challenging conditions, 50 fish were caught, with top honours going to new member Neil Squires. Top three weights (4 fish kill then C & R) as follows:

1st Neil Squires 4 fish weighing 11lbs 0oz

2nd Charlie Abrahams 4 fish weighing 9lbs 9oz

3rd John Vincent 4 fish weighing 9lbs 8oz

GWFFA 1st Bank Match Sunday 11th April 2021

11 club members braved a chilly day on the banks of Grafham, most opting for the dam which offered some shelter from the bitter northerly wind. 29 fish were caught, with a rod average of 2.63. Top rod Charlie Abrahams braved the elements at Pig Bay, catching on a floating line and buzzer.

1st Charlie Abrahams with 6 fish for 15lb 11oz

2nd Andy Linwood with 6 fish for 14lb 01oz

3rd Mark Brinkman with 4 fish for 11lb 10oz

Best fish was a lovely rainbow of 4lb 15oz caught by Colin Best

Nine GWFFA members ventured out onto the banks at Grafham Water. All of them were on the dam and the North shore. Fishing was hard due to windless conditions but despite this fish were showing close to the banks, particularly The Stumps, DWP and Hedge End. The fish were difficult to temp although the nine anglers managed 32 fish. Only Steve Cracknell managed his 6 fish while fishing at DWP. He caught using a washing line and nymphs them switched to an olive snake to catch his last three. Chris Bobby fishing at The Stumps managed 5 fish including a superb rainbow of 4lb 13oz. While playing another 4lb plus fish this fish grabbed his trailing booby breaking the other fish off. He also used a washing line and nymphs. The dam proved much more difficult with less fish there than on the natural banks. 


1st Chris Bobby with 5 fish for 13lb 11oz

2nd Steve Cracknell with 6 fish for 12lb 6oz

3rd Mark Brinkman with 5 fish for 12lb 1oz