Grafham Fishing Results 2022

Following the retirement of a key member of Anglian Water staff who produced the weekly fishery results, these reports have been temporarily suspended. GWFFA club members can remain up to date by joining their WhatsApp group (contact Mark Brinkman 07484 659549) to enrol.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 24 April 2022

Fish week 531 Returns 81 Rod average 6.6

Grafham has been fishing well over the week. The rod average has risen slightly from 5.3 last week to 6.6 this week and will probably continue to rise over the coming weeks as the trout come on to the buzzer. There have been some great fish come out this week including a Rainbow at around 7lb, a few around 5lb and some good sized Browns.

Bank angling has been fairly challenging recently, fading at around 8am on the dam and 10am in other areas. It does, however, pick up again in the afternoon, usually after 2pm. Especially on the points along the north shore (almost as though the fish are taking shortcuts across the bays). There have been varied results using all sorts of flies, with a few reports of people catching on shrimps, and buzzers, but hares ear seems to be doing very well, especially by the Stumps. From the boats intermediate lines are working well, but otherwise it seems to be personal preference with fish not being too fussy, going for all manner of flies. The fish are spooked very easily at the moment with the water being so clear so too much movement has deterred them from taking, avoid movement where possible. Cast out and let the fish come to you.

Grafham’s popular Tuesday Night Boat League starts 10 May. 

Fish stocked: 1,500.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 17 April 2022

Grafham has had its busiest week of the season so far and those that visited haven’t been disappointed. The catch returns show that a lot of anglers achieved their limit and fished on, returning some very impressive numbers to live to fight another day.

The TEFF qualifier was held on Friday and it wasn’t a Good Friday it was a great Friday! 50 anglers took to the water and nearly all achieved their eight fish limits. Those that chose to fish against the clock were very quick to achieve their target, bagging up on stockies, but these anglers were out fished by those who were patient, catching the bigger fish.

Now the better weather has returned and the wind has eased, the fish have responded, with the best methods being blobs and fabs using an intermediate line. The jetty at Marlow Bay has produced some fantastic stocked fish action.

There continues to be a lot of fly activity around the site so those who love nothing better than fishing a team of buzzers on a floating line have had fabulous sport. The hot spots being Gaynes Cove, the south corner of the dam and the Willows. Very early morning sessions on the Dam have also been very successful and now the school holidays are over, set your alarms, head out early and bag up – don’t forget to finish fishing on the dam by 09.00.

Best Rainbow: 7lb.

Fish stocked to date: 20,500.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 10 April 2022

Fish week 144 Returns 35 Rod average 4.1
The buzzers are back at Grafham!

The past week at Grafham has been all about buzzer fishing. Anglers have been reporting cricket scores on a daily basis and the fish are being caught from all over the reservoir. Floating lines with blobs and buzzers have been accounting for most of the fish, but hares ears and diawl bachs have also been producing the goods. Best boat spots seem to be Sanctuary Bay and Hill Farm, but Plummers is also worth a drift. Bank fishing has been very good, particularly in the early mornings and late evenings, floating lines with a blob on the point and black buzzers on the washing line has been the go-to method.

GWFFA held a bank match at the weekend with the winner taking 6 fish just shy of 20lb, the biggest fish was a 6lb Brown. All taken on buzzers from Plummers.

With the weather for the week ahead looking a lot more settled we fully expect the excellent sport to continue. If you are planning a visit please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our rangers or shop staff for best methods and areas on the day.

Fish stocked to date: 16,500.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 3 April 2022

Rod average 3.1
Last week we were delighted to report that winter was finally behind us and spring was well and truly here. How could we have been so wrong!

It has been bitterly cold all week with a frost first thing and then northerly winds throughout the day. Thursday and Friday deterred most of the boat anglers because the conditions were so unpleasant. The north shore was much more bearable for the bank anglers, being sheltered, it proved to be where the fish were. Good catches were reported from The Willows, G Buoy, Bluff Cove and Pylon Point.

Although we are witnessing a lot of fly activity, fishing with buzzers is still slow. Those who were successful, did so using Blood Worm imitations, Pitsford Peas, Boobys and Snakes!  So a real mix and not consistent. The fish have been caught at varying depths too, so again, not consistent. 

Damsels on the point and Red Diawl Bachs or Hares Ears on the dropper is always worth a try, so early in the season.

The water is still gin clear, even after the strong winds so constant movement and line thrashing will spook the fish.

The winter restrictions have now been lifted, so the west bank and the mouth of Savages Creek are worth exploring.

The forecast for next week is warmer but still windy but with 16,000 hungry rainbows stocked since February and another stocking this week it’s only a matter of time 

Best Rainbow: 7lb caught from Harbour arm.

Fish stocked to date: 16,000.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 29 March 2022

Rod average for the week 3.95
After a steady start to the season Grafham has started to pick up and there’s some fantastic sport to be had. This was proven when the Scierra Pairs was staged on Sunday 20 March. The event was very well supported with anglers coming from far and wide. 60 anglers took to the water to commence fishing at 10.00 with the first boat being back in at 11.25 with sixteen quality fish to the boat. In all over 300 fish were caught for a rod average of 5.2.

Bank fishing has been erratic, fish are being caught off the Dam first thing, then once the Dam closes at 09.00 the fish have been found at Plummers, the Willows, G Buoy and Pylon Point.

The water is gin clear which could be a reason why the fish disperse once the general public arrive at Grafham. The tactics have been varied, from fishing a static line under a bung using buzzers and blood worm imitations, to stripping snakes, to presenting a Pitsford Pea, varying the depth until the fish are found.

The clocks sprang forward on Sunday and it’s April on Friday so Spring is well and truly here, which only means one thing – masses of buzzer hatches, so take time out, book a boat and come and have a fantastic experience here at Grafham.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 22 March 2022

Fish week 268 Returns 69 Rod average 3.88
Grafham Water has started to hit form this past week and many anglers have been catching their limit. The North shore is now starting to produce good bags of fish as is the south shore and the Dam.

A lot of boat anglers have been pulling lures, blobs and fabs on a di 5 line with great success. However, the fish are now responding to buzzers as well, particularly small green and black patterns fished static to slow on a floating line not too far from the shore. Bank anglers have also been catching consistently well. One angler  caught his 8 fish limit and returned the same again while fishing a morning session at Plummers. He fished a floating line with static blood worm patterns. Many anglers have been commenting that the fish appear to be far more active now and they can be seen rising throughout the day all across the reservoir.

The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb plus Brown.

The Scierra pairs match on Sunday saw limits caught throughout the day. One boat was back with their 16 fish after only 90 minutes and others followed not too far behind. Black blobs and lures pulled back fast were the go to method in the morning but as the sun came up many competitors reported catching on buzzers and small nymph patterns. Most of the fish in this match have been caught at Hill Farm, the Seat and Plummers car park. A full match report will follow next week.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 15 March 2022

Rod average 2.12
The Fishing at Grafham is still proving tricky and location is key if you want to bag up. This is reflected in the catch returns which shows many anglers caught their limit whilst others blanked. Most of the fish caught have been coming from Plummers Bank right down to the south side of the Dam. The fish are reportedly very high up in the water and those that have caught well have done so using floating lines or sink tips. Small white lure patterns seem to be taking the majority of fish but some anglers have also reported catching on buzzers, diawl bachs and other small nymph patterns. The north shore has started slowly in comparison to last year but it has still produced a few fish, most notably a cracking 4.7oz Rainbow which was taken by one of our season ticket holders. The Harbour Arms have also produced the odd fish but nothing consistent as of yet.

 The weekend saw us hosting another successful Perchmania and Perch to 5lb plus were caught. 

We have two stockings arranged for the coming week and the weather is looking good for fishing, with a bit of luck the sunshine will get the buzzers hatching and we will see the rod average rocket.

Season tickets are available to purchase in person from Rutland, Grafham and Pitsford Lodges (don’t forget to bring a photo for your new permit).
We look forward to seeing you soon.

Anglian Water fishery report w/e 8 March 2022

Grafham opened for the new season on Friday 4 March. Fishing for the first few days has been a mixed bag. Some anglers have been catching their limit, whilst others have blanked. This was in part due to the challenging weather conditions. Plummers has fished well from both bank and boat and G buoy as always has been producing plenty of action.

Good numbers of over wintered silver bars are being reported. The go to method would appear to be a Pitsford Pea or a small lure pattern fished on a floating line. Vary the retrieve until you find how the fish want it on the day. Please remember the restrictions which now apply to the dam (see home page of website for full details).